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Conference Theme & Topics

Conference Theme & Topics

​​​​​​Conference Theme


“Redesigning Transport & Logistics for the Rise of Asia”


Topic Codes


EASTS International Scientific Committee (ISC) calls for papers from various fields related to any kind of transportation mode and discipline. Please choose from the appropriate topic codes shown below when you submit a paper or an abstract.


A: Transportation General

B: Transportation Economics and Policy

A01 Asia-Specific Issues

B01 Pricing

A02 Transportation and Poverty Reduction

B02 Financing

A03 International Cooperation

B03 Project Evaluation

A04 Survey and Data  Collection

B04 (De)regulation, Organization, Privatization,   and Public Management

A05 Transportation and Natural Disasters

B05 TDM Policy and Mobility Management

A06 Historical Studies

B06 Multimodal and Intermodal Policy

A07 Others

B07 Sustainable Transportation Policy


B08 Others


C: Travel Demand Analysis and

D: Logistics and Freight Transportation

C01 Travel Behavior Analysis

D01 Logistics and Freight Transportation Policy

C02 Travel Demand Modeling and Forecasting

D02 International and Inter-Regional Logistics

C03 Network Analysis and  Traffic Assignment

D03 City Logistics

C04 Others

D04 Operation and Management in Logistics Business


D05 Others


E: Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation

F: Environment and Climate Change

E01 Urban and Regional Planning

F01 Transportation and Environment

E02 Land Use and Spatial Analysis

F02 Climate Change and Transportation

E03 Landscape and Urban Design

F03 Transportation and Energy

E04 Tourism and Leisure Activities

F04 Others

E05 Others



G: Public Transportation and Active Mobility

H: Highway Design and Maintenance

G01 Intercity Railway

H01 Highway Planning and Design Concept

G02 Urban Railway, LRT, and Guided Transit System

H02 Pavements

G03 Bus and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)

H03 Road Maintenance

G04 Minibus and Paratransit

H04 Parking facilities

G05 Pedestrian and Bicycle

H05 Others

G06 Station/Stop/Terminal  Facilities


G07 Transit and  Urban/Regional Development


G08 Others



I: Road Traffic Engineering

J: Traffic Accident and Safety

I01 Modeling of Vehicle Maneuvers and Drivers

J01 Accident Analysis

I02 Traffic Flow Analysis

J02 Driving Behavior and Safety

I03 Highway Capacity and Quality of Service

J03 ITS Technologies for Safety

I04 Network and Road Design

J04 Evaluation on Safety Measures

I05 Traffic/Signal Control and Management

J05 Others

I06 Traffic Simulation System  and Analysis


I07 Motorcycles




I09 Others



K: Air and Water  Transportation

L: Emerging Technology and New Transport Industry

K01 Air/Water Transportation Policy

L01 Emerging Technology (C-ITS/Autonomous/IoT)

K02 Port Planning, Engineering, and Management

L02 New Transport Industry (Car-Sharing/Carpool/Bike-Sharing/Uber/Personal Mobility)

K03 Airport Planning, Engineering, and Management

L03 Impact Analysis

K04 Operation and Management of Air/Water Transportation

L04 Others

K05 Others



P: Practical Themes


P01 Engineering, Technology, and Design


P02 Policy, Planning, and Management


P03 Institutional and Financial Aspects


P04 Others



For papers submitted by International Research Group (IRG: http://www.easts.info/activities/irg/) members, the creation of special sessions might be possible depending on the numbers of submitted papers for each IRG. Separate topic codes will be available during the paper submission process.


If you have any inquiry about the paper submission, please do not hesitate to contact (ISC):


Dr. Jaehak Oh


Chairperson of the International Scientific Committee,

Eastern Asia Society for Transportation,

Studies (EASTS)

President of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), Korea

E-mail: isc2019@easts.info

URL: http://easts.info/isc/